News Update 08/12/15

Hey everyone! Hope your summer has been going well and you've been keeping cool. We here at ORANGE HQ have been researching swimming pools and beers around the D/FW area to find the best combinations. So far results are inconclusive--more research is needed. * * *2241 Set your radio dial this Sunday (8/16) for 97.1 The Eagle. Our song "Valium" is getting spun on the Loud and Local Show with Debbie Sexxton at 11 PM -SHARP- To answer your next question, YES, we are working on new live shows. We've got at least 2-3 up in the air right now, we're just trying to nail down final details before we announce them. Hang tight. Also of note, we had a meeting last night with the director and the venue that will be playing host to our first music video from Sharing Vitamins. Not to spoil too much, but we're going to throw a huge party which will also serve as our music video. Full details to follow. Lastly, we're working on a big secret thing. We can't give you any details right now but if it goes through it could be great for us. Please keep your fingers crossed. We'll be in touch soon. Cheers! -- ORANGE HQ